Friday, July 21, 2006

this is truly sick

Your taxpayer dollars at work -- killing innocent Lebanese babies, women, children, old men and many hundreds of others who don't have anything to do with this conflict.

They just want war, war, war, ...

and they want us in more war. They wanted us in Iraq. Now they want us in Iran. Now they want us to get into the Middle East.

The subject line of this email is a paraphrase of Juan Williams speaking with Bill Kristol on Faux News Sunday.

"You just want war, war, war, and you want us in more war. You wanted us in Iraq. Now you want us in Iran. Now you want us to get into the Middle East. … You’re saying, why doesn’t the United States take this hard, unforgiving line? Well, the hard and unforgiving line has been, we don’t talk to anybody. We don’t talk to Hamas. We don’t talk to Hezbollah. We’re not going to talk to Iran. Where has it gotten us, Bill? Kristol threw up his hands and didn’t answer."

Mr. Wlliams here's a news flash - we're already there. As I write these words American tax dollars subsidize the killing of innocent Lebanese civilians and GWB is giving the Israeli government more time to kill more. The truth is ever since 1967 we've given the Israeli government carte blanche to kill as many innocents as they want. Who is the grownup in this equation? The Israeli government just stoops to the level of the terrorists with this behavior. Except their/our weapons are more lethal. For every dead Israeli there are at least 10 or more dead Arabs.

The line is that the Syrians and Iranians are supplying Hezbollah with arms. No doubt they are - they have to get them from somewhere - I don't think there are too many rocket factories in South Lebanon. Arms are freely available on the black market all over the world. Who is the worlds primary arms dealer? The USA! We Americans can't make a decent car anymore but we sure can build bombs and missiles. The USA is followed distantly by Britain, France, Russia and China - all of whom happen to be the permanent members of the UN "Security" Council.

Who do we think makes the bombs and missiles killing Lebanese children right now? Lockheed, Raytheon and Northrup Grumman: all US companies that contribute mightily to both the Republicans AND the Democrats.

Does Israel have the right to defend it self? Of course, but there is defending and there is naked aggression. Its clear what we have at the moment is the latter. Of course if Israel would end its illegal occupation of the West Bank and (recoccupation) of Gaza most of the reasons for radical Islam to attack them and America would evaporate... simple. To paraphrase another liberal "It's the occupation stupid."

Another news flash: both Hamas and Hebollah were supported by the Israelis in the early years of their existence because they were a counter weight to the PLO. It's true - look it up. Just as the USA supported Osama Bin Laden against the Russians in Afghanistan. This is just a cynical war that the powers that be play with innocents just as they have from the beggining of time. It's no different. The little people always pay the price for the ruling classes megalomania. Throw the religious fundamentalists (Christian, Islamic & Jewish) into the mix and you get what we have today.